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Barton Silverman’s close call with the Verrazano

Runners at the start of the 1997 New York City Marathon as they ran across the bridge from the Staten Island side, where fog engulfed the Staten Island tower.

Barton Silverman, a New York Times sports photographer, recalled an exciting moment near the start of his illustrious career, as a 19-year-old in Brooklyn witnessing construction of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in 1962.

“I started pulling on the rope and my foot slipped,” Silverman told the Times’ Lens blog. “Half my body was off the bridge. I had this huge camera bag pulling me down. I didn’t know if I should drop the bag into the water or save myself. Six construction workers came to help.”

Shaken but unharmed, Silverman made it off the bridge — which turns 50 this year — and on to a photojournalism career spanning four decades.

The catwalk running all the way up the Brooklyn side of the tower.

via Falling for the Photo in Staten Island.

N.Y. Times: Staffer staged news photograph

The New York Times on 25 October 2002 said a prize-winning photojournalist posed a child in a news photograph last month, violating both the company’s policy and journalism ethics, according to a Newsday report.

Staff photographer Edward Keating was credited for the 20 September 2002 photograph in which a 6-year-old boy aimed a toy pistol alongside a sign reading “Arabian Foods” outside a store in Lackawanna, N.Y., near Buffalo. The photo accompanied a story about the lives of Arab-Americans who were accused of operating an al-Qada terrorist cell.

Keating told Newsday, “There is no truth to these accusations. I did not pose any of the photographs I took up in Lackawanna.”

The Times in an editor’s note said it had received calls from two editors at other publications who said their photographers told them the photo was posed. The Times conducted an inquiry that “could not establish that the picture had been posed.”

But following a call from the Columbia Journalism Review, the Times said its “editors concluded, and the photographer acknowledged, that the boy’s gesture had not been spontaneous.”

The Times said the photograph ran in early editions of the paper but was removed because it was “not relevant to the article.” Newsday said the photo appeared in only 400,000 copies out of 1.2 million.

Edward Keating shares his visions of Route 66

A staff photographer for The New York Times recounts the 1977 trip he took on the immortal highway though the soul of America, the legendary Route 66.

Edward Keating, who often provides images of the quiet, little-noticed moments at weddings featured in the Sunday Times, recently revisited the renowned road. His tale begins in a Flagstaff, Ariz., motel.

“Rt. 66: A Journey Across America” includes an accompanying slide showthat highlights the images Keating made while retracing the path he took as a younger man.