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Hindu deities brought to life, one at a time

Widely recognized amid everyday life in India, Hindu deities come to life in the work of photographer Manjari Sharma.

Traveling to Mumbai in February 2011, Sharma took three weeks and an estimated $3,000 to $4,000 to produce her first photograph in the “Darshan” series, according to a New York Times Lens Blog feature, titled “The Beauty and Chaos of the Gods.”

For Sharma, it’s a project that could take several lifetimes, given the multitude of Hindu deities to choose from.

“There are billions of gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology,” she told the Times. “I could be doing this till the day I die and not have done enough.”

The sensitive nature of working with religious figures, also, isn’t lost on Sharma.

“If these gods weren’t given the respect that they should be given or I had my own take, which was perceived as slander, it would be shut down,” she said. “I’m treading on really touchy waters. Fortunately, everyone is in sync with the understanding that I’m treating it with as much respect as I could, since I come from it.”

A Kickstarter campaign helped the Brooklyn-based photographer raise an additional $26,000 for the project.

Sharma was recently named among the winners of CENTER’s 19th Annual International Awards and will have her work exhibited in Santa Fe, N.M.

via Darshan 2011 Ganesha on Vimeo.

Airport photos become subject of art project

An increase in U.S. airport security following the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, also led to an increase in security guards asking passengers to take pictures with their cameras in an order to determine they were not weapons.

Thus came the inspiration for Canadian artist Isabelle Devos to launch The Insecurities Project, an effort to collect photographs that passengers took as part of these security requests.

“While there have been many changes in our sense of security, this one may be the only one that is unwittingly being documented; a record being produced by travellers on their journey,” she writes. “With only seconds to consider, is it the security personnel, a travelling partner, luggage, the floor or something else that they choose to take a snapshot of?”

Devos said she hopes to create a traveling exhibit from the photographs she receives.

Pictures may be sent to Devos at: P.O. Box 3168, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada E4L 4N8.

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