Nachtwey, reporter injured in Baghdad grenade attack

Photojournalist James Nachtwey and Time magazine senior correspondent Michael Weisskopf were injured in a grenade attack in Baghdad, Iraq, on 10 December 2003, according to an Agence-France Presse report.

According to various news reports, Nachtwey and Weisskopf were riding in a Humvee with two U.S. soldiers when an unknown assailant threw a grenade into the military vehicle. Weisskopf picked up the grenade and tossed it outside, but not before it blew off his hand. Nachtwey sustained shrapnel wounds, and the soldiers were also injured.

Nachtwey, a founding member of VII Photo, was the subject of “War Photographer,” a 2001 documentary film, and the recipient of numerous photojournalism awards.