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  • Afghan War (1979-1989) photos of airplane bombers online for the first time, 10 years after the Afghan War; Leon Bessar Riga, Latvia [2000.12] in Latvian
  • Afghanistan: Images From the Harrison Forman Collection an online collection of images taken in 1969 by journalist Harrison Forman, organized into six subject categories: architecture, history, land, people, and transportation Milwaukee, Wis. [2002.06]
  • Africa Media Online professional coverage of Africa in articles and images for sale online [2002.06]
  • Agence France-Presse the world's oldest established news agency, founded in 1835 by Charles-Louis Havas, the father of global journalism Paris, France [2001.04]
  • Metin Akkas Photography documentary, street and underwater photography from the Red Sea to Miami Istanbul, Turkey [2002.11]
  • Alamfoto freelance photojournalist working in Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Kurdistan, Albania and elsewhere; Pérez Puyal Alberto Huesca, Spain [2004.10]
  • American Photojournalist feature stories, portfolios, discussion groups and equipment reviews for photojournalists, by photojournalists Newport News, Va. [2004.06]
  • Paul S. Amundsen photojournalist portfolio includes portraits, photo stories and exhibitions Bergen, Norway [2001.03]
  • The Arizona Republic: Photos of the Month selected images from the nation's 16th largest newspaper Phoenix, Ariz. [2000.03]
  • Les Ateliers Lumière French photojournalism e-zine Le Mans, France [2000.03] RECOMMENDED in French
  • Jerry Avenaim :: Fine Art Galleries the portfolios of renowned photographer Jerry Avenaim; providing celebrities, fashion, athletes, behind the scenes and a fine art print gallery Los Angeles, Calif. [2002.10]
  • more than 20 years of work by award-winning Italian photographer Ernesto Bazan; feauturing the workshop he has been teaching in Cuba and other countries, including Italy, Mexico and Colombia New York [2002.06]
  • Harry Benson: 50 Years in Pictures veteran photojournalist who covered a broad range of events and personalities, from the Robert Kennedy assassination to portraits of The Beatles and more [2002.03]
  • Bionic Eye online photography gallery favoring photojournalism; David Dare Parker Perth, Western Australia, Australia [1998.01]
  • BlowUp: espace photographique a collective of young Belgian photographers Belgium [2001.04] in French
  • Bogaerts, Jan images of Amsterdam's red-light district, Palestinians and Bethlehem Netherlands [1999.02]
  • Boyce, Jeffrey sports photographs depicting University of Tulsa athletes Tulsa, Okla.
  • Matthew Bull Photography a motor sport photographer who specialises in British oval racing; regular updates Romford, Essex, U.K. [1997.11]
  • Camp, Al photojournalism and fine art photographs, mainly in black and white, of rodeos, cowboys and rural life in Okanogan County and region Okanogan County, Wash.
  • Al Crespo Protest in the Land Of Plenty excerpts from a long-term photo project on protest in America Miami, Fla.
  • China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic counterpart to a traveling, real-world exhibition of images from China; covering everything from "Secret Catholics" to "Mountain Folk," from "Shanghai, Electric City" to "The Western Lands"; a list of the exhibit's North American and Chinese tour dates; New York City's Asia Society New York [1999.11] RECOMMENDED
  • David Carson photographs of Israel exhibited in two main sections, a guided tour with historical and Biblical emphasis and a gallery that shows the beauty of the land Friendswood, Texas [2004.06]
  • Cassey, Brian several pages of photography from Northern Ausrtralia and Papua New Guinea by an award-winning photographer Cairns, Australia
  • Tony Charnock Photography work done serving on the regional evening press in the Midlands and Southwest area of England Redditch, Worcestershire, U.K. [1998.06]
  • Cook, Carl photojournalist who also does B&W wildlife along with short essays
  • Corcoran, Ed freelance photojournalist Denver, Colo. [1997.11]
  • Daniel, Steven portfolio of photographs of freelance documentary work; current projects include Nicaragua, Guatemala and Kenya Stamford, Conn. [1998.10]
  • Data Visuals photojournalism, commercial, industrial; specialist in Spanish-speaking countries, also Far East experience;  Derek Jackson Dalton, Cumbria, U.K. [1998.04]
  • Daugherty, Irwin photojournalist Mesa, Ariz.
  • Den Blanken, Piet photojournalist who has covered Cuba, El Salvador and Holland for more than three decades Netherlands [1999.02]
  • Toby Deveson - B&W Photography by nature a documentary photographer, if such things can be categorized, capturing people, landscapes or countries; photographs from Romania, Italy, Canada and other countries Norwich, Norfolk, U.K. [2002.02]
  • The Documentary Photograph: A Photo Gallery a gallery of images from photo essays that take a personal look into the lives of ordinary — but really quite extraordinary — people in the U.S.; Sheldon J. Potter Denver, Colo. [1998.10]
  • Drik Picture Library: Images for Change photo agency based in Bangldesh, focusing on reporting on human energy and challengeing an exploitative global economic system Dhaka, Bangldesh [2004.10]
  • Ed Pictures the famous and the infamous in London London, U.K. [2002.03]
  • The Eye of The Low Countries unpublished work by photojournalists from Belgium and the Netherlands [1999.02]
  • FocalPoint f/8 innovative online photojournalism sites, including the 400-page project "The Russian Chronicles"; on-site, location-based real-time digital photojournalism projects San Francisco, Calif.
  • Fotoessay documentary photography monthly Washington, D.C. [2002.04]
  • Paulo Fridman professional photojournalist with more than 150 magazine covers, including Time, Newsweek, Forbes and The New York Times Magazine; site includes portraits, commercial and personal work São Paulo, Brazil [2002.03] in Portuguese and in English
  • Frontier Photojournalism a company dedicated to developing and promoting photography and journalism; also contains a free online photojournalism study guide to assist people interested in the profession Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa [1998.07]
  • Geissinger, Mike freelance photographer Washington, D.C.
  • Gonzalez, Timothy J. photojournalist Willamette Valley, Ore.
  • Christopher Grabowski photo essays, a documentary project and editorial photography Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [2002.02]
  • Roman Grinev Photography photojournalist Sterling, Va. [2000.10]
  • Hellum, Timothy photodocumenting Aidwork in the developing world, archeological photography Toronto, Canada
  • Holzman, Andy a collection of work by a photojournalist freelancing for the Los Angeles Daily News Los Angeles, Calif. [1997.12] RECOMMENDED
  • Holick-Kuhlmann, Arne S.
  • Filip Horvat images of Prague, Turkey and Kosovo by a Croatian photojournalist represented by Saba Press Zagreb, Croatia [2001.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Hughes, Crispin photojournalism with an emphasis on East and Central Africa; Impact Visuals London, U.K. [1997.11]
  • Hunt, Fred my philosophy of photojournalism, picture galleries and resume Independence, Kan. [1998.06]
  • Impact Digitals coalition of independent photojournalists and social documentary photographers, founded in the Spring 2001, to develop a resource of progressive imagery New York [2004.06]
  • Stuart Isett widely published American freelance photographer based in Paris who spent nearly a decade working in Bangkok and Toyko; represented by Polaris Images Paris, France [2004.10]
  • Jackie Johnston Photography award-winning photojournalist; images for newspapers, magazines and wire services Kennewick, Wash. [1999.03]
  • Anthony Jones, Photographer B&W art and stock images by U.K.-based Corbis photographer London, England, U.K. [2001.04]
  • Jones, Jeff personal site, including some of the photos taken for my work at the Gallup Independent Gallup, N.M. [1998.01]
  • Chuck Kennedy photojournalist Washington, D.C.
  • Krieger, Herman Churches Ad Hoc; fine art, photojournalism Eugene, Ore.
  • Learphoto photojournalism from Asia to Europe and Latin America; moving toward documentary work; Afghanistan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Sarajevo, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and more; Luis Ascui Singapore [2000.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Legends Online a continuing series of interactive galleries highlighting the work of renowned photographers, brought to you by PDNonline and Kodak Professional New York [2004.06]
  • Marc Liefooghe freelance photographer and journalist, covering stories and news in Asia and the Middle East, including documentaries, travel, culture, human interest and news Evergem, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium [2004.10]
  • Lloyd, Michael photojournalist, the Oregonian; projects for the paper's Public Life team as well as personal work Portland, Ore.
  • Manasse, Geoff photojournalism and other personal and experimental work
  • Ilkay Mehmet images made in the course of editorial assignments carried for British newspapers around the globe, including Ireland, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Cyprus London, U.K. [2001.03]
  • Miller, Alan T. a collection of photographs representing roughly two years of shooting for The Voice at Glendale Community College Glendale, Ariz.
  • Natoli, Enrico B&W photo reportages in three different sections; photojournalism-oriented Rome, Italy [1997.12]
  • The New York Times: Portraits of Grief a look at the lives and loves of those who fell victim to the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, in a touching and very real memorial of pictures and words New York RECOMMENDED
  • Sergio Pessolano travel photography, people, cultures, lifestyle, religions, festivals, portraits and archeological sites from around the world Rome, Italy [2004.10]
  • Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Web Ring [1998.06]
  • Photonline musicians, actors, TV personalities and politicians; Italian copyright pictures Rome, Italy [1999.11]
  • 58th Pictures of the Year one of the world's oldest, largest and most prestigious photojournalism competitions, sponsored by the Missouri School of Journalism and the National Press Photographers Association, which this year drew more than 32,000 submissions Columbia, Mo. [2001.04] RECOMMENDED
  • Piece Unique Gallery Under Fire: Images from Vietnam includes affordable museum-quality prints of photographs that were published in magazines, reproduced in books and exhibited in museums worldwide Los Angeles, Calif. [2002.11]
  • PressCard.Com the California photojournalism web resource; Michael Crawford Los Angeles, Calif. [1998.08]
  • Profoto the site of professional photography in Southern Africa Johannesburg, South Africa [1998.04]
  • Damaso Reyes Photography documentary photojournalism featuring stories from Iraq, Rwanda and the United States New York [2002.07]
  • Rigon, Gabriele fine art, B&W, nudes and photojournalism in Africa Italy [2000.07]
  • Rose, Allen Fort Worth Star-Telegram Fort Worth, Texas
  • Rosenstock, Stacy member, Impact Visuals New York
  • Andrew Ross Photography adventure travel photography from Mexico, Canada and South Africa by Toronto-based location photographer Andrew Ross Toronto, Ontario, Canada [2000.06]
  • Rothenberg Photo freelance photographer specilaizing in celebrities, photojournalism, portraiture, entertainment; stock list available; Debra L. Rothenberg Laurence Harbor, N.J. [1999.03]
  • Saba Press worldwide editorial, commercial and stock agency, founded 1989 New York [2000.08]
  • David Seaver Photography professional photographer specializing in documentary and editorial photography; 50,000 images in stock Burlington, Vt. [2004.06]
  • Sebastião Salgado two sections, Migrations: Humanity in Transition, 1993-99 and The Majority World: Three Photo Essays, 1977-92, include a selection of images from the Brazilian photographer's books and exhibitions Brazil [2001.04] RECOMMENDED in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Jerry Schetterer news and sports images from around the country Cleveland, Ohio
  • Elon Schoenholz Photography a commercial photographer based in Southern California whose subject matter includes architecture and design, the urban landscape, people, food and bicycles; he works in digital and a variety of film formats Los Angeles, Calif. [2002.10]
  • Schwarz, Michael
  • Seale, Robert freelance photojournalist Austin, Texas
  • Can Sengunes travel images from various countries , portraits and photojournanism and prints for sale Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, U.K. [2004.10]
  • SF Gate Photo Gallery pictures from San Francisco newspapers, with a broad variety of subjects that include concerts, earthquakes, the Day in Pictures, Photo of the Week and more San Francisco, Calif. [2001.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Bassam Shmordok Photography journalism-related work and biography, as well as a links page to event and meeting planners in Ontario Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • Silva, Joao photojournalist specializing in news and war-related assignments; Associated Press, Sygma, PictureNET Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Massimo Silvano Fotoreporter travel, sports, advertising photography, worldwide job assignments Trieste, Italy [2002.02]
  • Smith, F. Carter photojournalist Houston, Texas
  • SocialPhotos a cooperative of photographers that works to create and distribute images documenting and addressing issues of social justice; focusing on Latin America Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [2001.04]
  • Victor Strelkovsky photojournalist covering Chernobyl, political mass-meetings, urban and rural life scenes, funny and sad, theatre, religion, prisons Minsk, Belarus [2004.10] RECOMMENDED
  • Time Frame Photography online gallery by award-winning Irish photojournalist Paul Stewart Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [2001.04] requires Macromedia Shockwave
  • van Tonder, Johann Cape Town-based photojournalist, with keen eye for graphic quality, experienced on international news agency Cape Town, South Africa [2000.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Walter, Keith chief photographer, Trinity Newspapers
  • Camera Works daily images, extensive selection of news and features photos, photography columnist Frank Van Riper, work by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers at The Washington Post Washington, D.C. [2001.04] RECOMMENDED
  • The Week in Pictures on MSNBC top news and features images, photo stories [2001.04]
  • Photography Willem Wernsen social documentary Photography in B&W Amersfoort, Netherlands [2002.02]
  • Mark Williams Photography Dallas area photojournalist, corporate and location work Flower Mound, Texas [1998.02]
  • Zimpel, Reto freelance photojournalist Munich, Germany [1997.11]
  • Black Star editorial stock, assignment New York
  • PictureNEt Africa Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Projects

  • Agrianitis, Spyros bEYOND tHE iNVISIBLE Kifissia, Athens, Greece [1998.02]
  • Robert Baham Photography fashion, glamour, nudes and erotica celebrating the madding contradiction of woman Boston, Mass. [1998.01]
  • Baldwin, David night photographs of architecture and landscapes, often with astronomical objects Surrey, U.K. [1997.11]
  • Bobrowicz,Wojciech Fighting Art; landscapes of body and face Lublin, Poland [1998.02]
  • Robert Brook Projects and Series series including Close-up Landscapes, Estuary (on the environs of the Thames Estuary ) and A Day in the Park (on time) Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K. [2002.04]
  • The Andrew Brooks Collection a massive collection of military aviation photography; many air-to-air, including a special tribute to the awesome British Blackburn Buccaneer West Midlands, U.K. [1997.11]
  • Fotogaleria de Flamenco exhibition of photographs about flamenco music; singers, dancers, guitars & spectaculars scenes; Paco Sánchez Valencina, Sevilla, Spain [1998.02]
  • From My Own Darkroom With Love highly powerful and sensual images from a published contemporary female photographer; HSB Montréal, Quebéc, Canada [1998.02]
  • Jeff Harris a daily photographic journal with more than 1,200 photos arranged by date [2002.07]
  • Holland, Mike A Forgotten America old barns, houses, tools and vehicles from the area around southwest Oklahoma Lawton, Okla. [1997.11]
  • New York 000 an ongoing project to produce the most comprehensive and beautiful visual record of the people in New York New York [2004.10]
  • Page, Gordon photography ranging from fashion and glamour to the local music scene, and a special Papparazzi section; links Paradise, Calif. [1998.05]
  • Polaris Images photo agency representing photographers and distributing images to media industries worldwide; founded by JP Pappis in New York New York [2004.10]
  • Ratajczyk, Renata surrealistic digital photography Toronto, Ontario, Canada [1998.04]
  • Ed Sharp Photography wildlife and nature photography from Alaska to the Adirondack Mountains; subjects include bear, raccoon, sunflowers, scenics and more Greenwich, N.Y. [1998.06]
  • Tucker, Peter The Tucker Pages; large format B&W photography Ponchatoula, La. [1998.01]
  • United in Anger photodocumentary of the international community of AIDS activists; Bill Bytsura New York [1998.06]
  • Women Speak female photographers share their images from around the world and the stories behind them Portland, Maine [2001.04] RECOMMENDED
  • Yo Soy Hechicero (I am a Sorcerer) an exploration of Afro-Cuban religion; spirit possession, animal sacrifice, mythic storytelling and physical healing; pictures, stories, opinion; developed by Ron Stanford and Ivan Drufovka Atlantic City, N.J. [1997.10]
  • Jazz Photography Ray Avery
  • Korean War project Hal Barker
  • The international community of AIDS activists Bill Bytsura
  • Documentary photo essays Chien-min Chung
  • Brussels-Geneva Regards Crois s four photographers' images of Brussels and Geneva
  • Documentary photo projects John Decker
  • Time anti-AIDS protests taken with Diana camera, Richard Gilles, San Francisco, Calif.
  • Skies a photo essay, Rodney Gitzel
  • Travels with Samantha Philip Greenspun
  • Dan Habib Teen Sexuality in a Culture of Confusion; interviews and photos dealing with AIDS, HIV, homosexuality, abstinence, bisexuality, race and gender, religion, pregnancy, abuse and body image; member, Impact Visuals Concord, N.H.
  • Steven Hirsch freelance editorial photographer New York [2004.06]
  • Angry Planet photos from trouble spots all over the world, Håvard Houen Norway [2000.08]
  • Dead Birds roadkill, mortality-related issues and emotions, Carol Hudson
  • Ethnographic and historic analyses of American Indian photographs Thomas Kavanagh, curator of collections, William Hammond Mathers Museum, Indiana University Bloomington, Ind.
  • Tash's Festival and Travellin' Archives the wide variety of people engaged in alternative and youth subcultures, Alan Lodge U.K.
  • Van Hees, Franklin selection of my work; currently preparing worldwide 5-year project and looking for sponsors Antwerpen, Belgium [1997.12]
  • Wilson, Alan J. Monochrome Photography; images from Edinburgh and Paris Edinburgh, Scotland [1997.12]
  • Ghosts Online aviation photography, Philip Makanna
  • Jupiter: Art of Bodybuilders
  • Tahra Makinson-Sanders, two photo documentaries
  • Family Album, Gay Pride Peter Marshall U.K.
  • Black Mirages erotic B&W images of African Black women, Alain Paris France
  • Mythopoeia Suza Scalora
  • Ranum, Marcus J. figure studies, etc.
  • Rotting Silver
  • The Sight the current visions of 26 photographers

  • Publications

  • Apogee Photo Magazine award-winning on-line magazine devoted to professional photography; articles on technique, product reviews, an extensive list of photography workshops, seminars, tours, books, links to photographer galleries, discussion forums and live chat room, free classifieds and more Conifer, Colo. [1998.02]
  • ASA 484 a photographic on line magazine, the first (and only) in Brazil; Brazil in Portugese
  • BruceBennett Today's Israelis; fine art documentary addressing the people of Israel, both Jewish and Arab Rochester, N.Y. [1998.02]
  • The Digital Journalist a multimedia magazine for photojournalism in the digital age; Dirck Halstead, editor and publisher [2002.03]
  • Euphony online magazine
  • Fusion computers and culture Canada
  • HyperZine online magazine with information on photography, video, and digital imaging; We feature information on new products, press releases, hands-on equipment reviews, how-to articles, and a searchable database of cameras--all linkable to an extensive glossary of terms. We will be adding info on photography contests and photography clubs to our ever-expanding services; Lawrence R. White, publisher Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
  • Issue web magazine for new and young photojournalism, winner of POYi best small mutlimedia publication London, U.K. [2004.09] RECOMMENDED
  • NETLOOK Photographic Magazine
  • Hamburger Eyes online version of edgy photo magazine San Francisco, Calif. [2004.06]
  • Photo District News the online version of the magazine for professionals; includes changing exhibits at PDN Master Series; Online Photo Communities; and PDNewswire New York [1998.02]
  • Photon online magazine U.K.
  • photoResource Magazine a photographer's information publication, which contains information about contests, locations, workshops, equipment reviews and more; researched and edited by professional photographers Tucumcari, N.M. [1997.10]
  • Picture Quarterly dedicated to fine art photography; currently showing work from some students at the Art League Art School Alexandria Va.
  • Reportage monthly online photojournalism magazine bringing the art of the picture story to the web; Colin Jacobson and Menno van de Koppel, editors Amsterdam, Netherlands [2001.04]
  • Smithsonian Magazine Image Gallery portfolios from the publication's great photographers Washington, D.C.
  • Trincoll Journal weekly online multimedia magazine
  • U-Turn Monograph e-zine devoted to contemporary art and theory, edited by James Hugunin, photo critic, teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, Ill. [1998.01]
  • World Press Photo focusing on the events of our world Netherlands [2000.10]

  • Journalism-related sites

  • Photography Center of Atlanta Atlanta, Ga. [2004.06]
  • AJR's Journalism Web Resource Center Maryland
  • London Photographic Awards international judged online competitions covering photojournalism, fashion and fine art subjects London, U.K. [2004.10]
  • Michigan Press Photographers Association Michigan [2004.06]
  • National Association of Hispanic Journalists Washington, D.C. [1998.08]
  • National Press Photographers Association
  • Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, N.Y.
  • Scripps Howard Newspapers
  • Pilot Online the Virginian-Pilot Norfolk, Va. [1997.10]
  • World Press Photo a worldwide organization whose stated mission is "to promote a free and unrestricted exchange of information and to encourage high professional standards in photojournalism" Amsterdam, Netherlands [2002.02]
  • The Photojournalist's Guide to Making Money

    The Photojournalist's Guide to Making Money

    2004 World Press Photo
    World Press Photo 2004

    Photoshop Elements 3 (Quicksteps)

    Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism
    Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism

    by Elliott Erwitt

    Magna Brava: Magnum's Women Photographers

    Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
    Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
    Walker Evans

    Robert Capa: The Definitive Collection
    Robert Capa: The Definitive Collection

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