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Here is a list of photography and related sites on the World Wide Web, maintained and posted regularly by Bruno J. Navarro. Updated 27 April 2005.

  • American Photojournalist feature stories, portfolios, discussion groups and equipment reviews for photojournalists, by photojournalists Newport News, Va. [2004.06]
  • Hamburger Eyes online version of edgy photo magazine San Francisco, Calif. [2004.06]
  • fotolog an online community of photography logs from photographers around the world Brooklyn, N.Y. [2003.12]
  • Jeff Harris a daily photographic journal with more than 1,200 photos arranged by date [2002.07]
  • Chionmang fine art and advertising photographer; Chiang Chang-Way Lima, Peru [2002.07]
  • PDN Photo Annual 2002 annual PDN Online contest to select the best photography of the year in eight categories: advertising, magazine/editorial, photo books, photojournalism, corporate/industrial, personal work, web sites, and student work New York [2002.06] RECOMMENDED
  • The New York Times: Portraits of Grief a look at the lives and loves of those who fell victim to the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, in a touching and very real memorial of pictures and words New York RECOMMENDED
  • Sebastião Salgado two sections, Migrations: Humanity in Transition, 1993-99 and The Majority World: Three Photo Essays, 1977-92, include a selection of images from the Brazilian photographer's books and exhibitions Brazil [2001.04] RECOMMENDED in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Women Speak female photographers share their images from around the world and the stories behind them Portland, Maine [2001.04] RECOMMENDED
  • 58th Pictures of the Year one of the world's oldest, largest and most prestigious photojournalism competitions, sponsored by the Missouri School of Journalism and the National Press Photographers Association, which this year drew more than 32,000 submissions Columbia, Mo. [2001.04] RECOMMENDED
  • Camera Works daily images, extensive selection of news and features photos, photography columnist Frank Van Riper, work by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers at The Washington Post Washington, D.C. [2001.04] RECOMMENDED
  • SF Gate Photo Gallery pictures from San Francisco newspapers, with a broad variety of subjects that include concerts, earthquakes, the Day in Pictures, Photo of the Week and more San Francisco, Calif. [2001.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Exaltation: images of religion and death nine-year published project documenting expressions of deep religious beliefs and the extreme suffering of its followers, with essays by scientists in the fields of theology, psychology and anthropology; Désirée Dolron Amsterdam, Netherlands [2001.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Filip Horvat images of Prague, Turkey and Kosovo by a Croatian photojournalist represented by Saba Press Zagreb, Croatia [2001.03] RECOMMENDED
  • soulwedgie New York, and the world at night; Melbourne Sibblies New York [2001.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Paul Biddle Fine Art Photography surreal fine art photography of award-winning photographer Devon, U.K. [2001.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Jezebel's Mirror nearly 500 self-portraits, from New York to Greece, from San Francisco to Italy, that Heather Champ took in a variety of reflective surfaces [01.01] RECOMMENDED
  • Black and White Photography by Gabrielle de Montmollin staged photographs featuring toys and dolls in imaginative narrative settings; five series from 1989 to the present Toronto, Ontario, Canada [00.12] RECOMMENDED
  • DoubleTake a magazine that provides a thoughtful look at the world around us Somerville, Mass. [00.10] RECOMMENDED
  • Ante nudes and portraits by Ante, a photographer working in Poland and France Krakow, Poland [99.06]
  • The Arizona Republic: Photos of the Month images from the nation's 16th largest newspaper Phoenix, Ariz. [00.03]
  • American Museum of Photography 5,000 images from the first 75 years of photography at a museum existing solely in cyberspace; William Becker [98.10]
  • China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic counterpart to a traveling, real-world exhibition of images from China; covering everything from "Secret Catholics" to "Mountain Folk," from "Shanghai, Electric City" to "The Western Lands"; a list of the exhibit's North American and Chinese tour dates; New York City's Asia Society New York [99.11] RECOMMENDED
  • Phillip Colla Photography natural history photography specializing in wild marine mammals (whales, dolphins, seals), remote islands of the eastern Pacific and the California kelp forest; several hundred images Carlsbad, Calif. [99.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Carl Cook Photography B&W wildlife photography accompanied by brief essays Olympia, Wash. [2002.03]
  • Steven Daniel portfolio of photographs of freelance documentary work; current projects include Nicaragua, Guatemala and Kenya Stamford, Conn. [98.10]
  • The Documentary Photograph: A Photo Gallery a gallery of images from photo essays that take a personal look into the lives of ordinary — but really quite extraordinary — people in the U.S.; Sheldon J. Potter Denver, Colo. [98.10]
  • Christian Esser available-light images and archive; portriaits, night industrial Alpen, Germany [98.12] in German
  • Glen Gaffney nature and pictoral photography; picture story about a fox Sudbury, Ontario, Canada [99.01]
  • Handheld magazine independent online publication highlighting the work of photojournalists [99.12] RECOMMENDED
  • Jörg Heieck landscape, architecture, travel, panoramic Landau, Germany [98.12]
  • Joshua W. Hearn Image Galleries; a collection of images by an amateur photographer in Northern California, arranged by subject matter to give others like myself ideas, to give me feedback and for the viewing pleasure Huntington Beach, Calif. [98.10]
  • Carl Heilman outdoor photographer  specializing in panoramas and unique images of the Adirondacks Brant Lake, N.Y. [2000.03] related book
  • Kenario masters of Polaroid SX-70 manipulation, these two artists combine their talents in sculpting and photography to bring you an online gallery of award-winning fine art; what they call Photo Impressionism; interesting info and images; Ken & Mario San Francisco, Calif. [99.11]
  • David Michael Kennedy Photographer portfolios of Southwestern landscapes, famous people (including Bob Dylan) and Native American Indian dancers Santa Fe, N.M. [99.01]
  • Learphoto photojournalism from Asia to Europe and Latin America; moving toward documentary work; Afghanistan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Sarajevo, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and more; Luis Ascui Singapore [00.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Lomographic Society International a cool little camera that has some very unique optical characteristics, plus a gallery of "lomographs" St. Petersburg, Russia [98.11]
  • London Photographic Awards international judged online competitions covering photojournalism, fashion and fine art subjects London, U.K. [2004.10]
  • Larry Malvin A Landscape Perspective landscape and nature photography in 6 galleries: tropical, water, landscape, fall color, close-up and sunrise/sunset; and digital imaging Northbrook, Ill. [99.12]
  • Masters of Photography a comprehensive listing of the top names in the history of the medium [00.06] RECOMMENDED
  • William McEwen Portrait Photographer classic B&W photographs using an old-fashioned view camera; portrait gallery, technical information and more Arlington, Texas [99.11]
  • Photographers' Gallery the first independent gallery in Britain devoted to photography, now with a reputation as the country's primary venue for contemporary photography; founded in 1971 London, U.K. [00.06]
  • Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Web Ring [98.06]
  • PHOTOnline directory of Venezuelan photographers and resources; includes galleries and services for visitors; nudes and infrared images Caracas, Venezuela [98.10] in Spanish and in English
  • The Arizona Republic: Photos of the Month images from the nation's 15th largest newspaper Phoenix, Ariz. [00.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Pinhole Visions: Pinhole Photography on the Web examples of an old technique, a gallery and a photographer who used a shack as a camera; Gregg Kemp [99.11] RECOMMENDED
  • Andrew Ross Photography adventure travel photography from Mexico, Canada and South Africa by Toronto-based location photographer Andrew Ross Toronto, Ontario, Canada [00.06]
  • Buy this book at!The Secret Books photographs by Sean Kernan, text by Jorge Luis Borges Stony Creek, Conn. [99.09] RELATED BOOK RECOMMENDED
  • Stehr, Darren images and ideas relating to erotica, along with a couple hundred images ranging from acitvism to zany snaps Toronto, Ontario, Canada [00.07]
  • Untitled Magazine independently operated, nonprofit, online magazine dedicated to the advancement and expression of photojournalism Atlanta, Ga. [98.11] RECOMMENDED
  • Van Rhijn, Peter award-winning nature photography Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [99.12]
  • van Tonder, Johann Cape Town-based photojournalist, experienced on international news agency Cape Town, South Africa [00.03] RECOMMENDED
  • Ari Versiani commercial photography Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [99.12]
  • 2005 Photographer's Market
    2005 Photographer's Market
    by Donna Poehner and Erika Kruse

    Photoshop Elements 3 (Quicksteps)

    by Larry Clark

    The Americans
    The Americans
    by Robert Frank, Jack Kerouac

    McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras
    McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras
    by Jim McKeown

    Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
    Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
    by James Agee, Walker Evans

    by Annie Leibovitz with essay by Susan Sontag


    Natacha Merritt Digital Diaries by Natacha Merritt | U.K

    The Bone House by Joel-Peter Witkin | U.K


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