Damon Casarez on being, photographing ‘Boomerang Kids’

The New York Times Magazine cover photo by Damon Casarez

Damon Casarez speaks to A Photo Editor about his first national feature for The New York Times Magazine, “It’s Official: The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave.”

For the feature, Casarez created portraits of college graduates who had moved back in with their parents.

It was an experience with which he was familiar:

I had to move back home after having a rough summer where assisting work and shooting work was extremely slow and I had no savings because my overhead was so high with student loans, rent, insurance, etc. Moving back home was my last resort and I felt like a failure for a bit. After beginning the project and realizing how many others were out there like me, it was clear that I needed to bring this story to light and share the experience of the “Boomerang Kids,” including my own story.

via The Daily Edit – Damon Casarez: The New York Times Magazine | A Photo Editor.